Friday, April 19, 2013

Rando shop pics and we got a Squirrel.

So you ever wanted to see what the inside of a Sachs oil injection looked like? No!? Well youre gonna get pics anyways.

 Minarelli Necronomicon, be jealous. 
 Throwback ped with Tony AKA MOPED's employee of the week.
 Monsoon ride home.
 So I was doing my regular 1 way streets labyrinth to alleys test ride route.... and I see this little dude in the MIDDLE of the red hot ranch parking lot. I almost ghost rode the Targa LX I was testing out, but I kept my cool. We saved him from who knows what kind of SUV hitting him (or her?)
I named him Dakota and he is sleeping in a box full of pogs on my desk. Score.

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