Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Hey Derbi, Oh Hey Winter.

I got a projector and have been hiding in Kansas watching X-files and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr..... Back in Chi with a mini update on how winter sucks ass. Put a circuit on the Grande but WHO KNOWS HOW IT WORKS CAUSE ITS TOO COLD TO THINK... let alone ride and test things. Beards and mustaches are nothing but icles and boogers, its like the scene in dumb and dumber when they ride the briggs & stratton bike to aspen X a milli. Bought a 1988 Derbi Variant Sport which I am very stoked on and will keep it a stock blaster. Thom went crazo and made this ridiculous mutant concord bike. Also got a 1994 Yamaha Jog in Kansas for $35 weeeee. Winter is the worst because I cant skate, moped, jump in rivers, ride bikes, HEELIE, travel by foot and the list goes on forever. Who else wants to punch winter's head off it's body?

 Stay Gold

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