Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HUGE Photo Update! CREATURES: Trick or Treat 2 Rally + West Coast Road Trip.

Huge update! WELLL I decided last minute to go to the Creature's rally in San Francisco. I sold a Peugeot clutch pulley and pipe to my buddy Marvin and bought my ticket. The flight was cool and I didn't have to sit next to any drunk or morbidly obese people. Stayed with Blk Blk Alex who is an angel sent from on high. Not only did she provide and nice quiet spot for me to sleep on the first 2 nights, she also loaned me her rad magnum for the weekend. I got to finally troll and hangout at Treats HQ! I  hung out all day asking mundane questions about parts, I'm sure they were thrilled to have me there. Friday night ride was fast and rad. Jimmy and David got in a fender bender. The Saturday ride was awesome. I was late and missed the ride leaving. Thankfully Ace was at the spot and pointed in the direction the pack had gone. I was riding for probably 10 miles by myself playing a non-certain game of catch up. Finally I spotted everyone and jumped in the middle of it all. My friend Nikki (BANG! GANG!) hopped off a motorcycle  and onto my bike. We had probably a 10 to 3 moped to motorcycle ratio on the ride. It's nice to have motorcycles to block traffic for you. The ride was pretty smooth and very hilly. At one point in the suburbs a cop started chasing us all, it was cool. Ultimately he ended up tackling a Seattle rider and taking him to jail. HAHA Oh God. The twisty turns were awesome along the way and there was only 1 gnar hill I couldn't make it up. The campsite was rad and in the forest. The motorcycles beat us there. From there: Food, Fire, Dildos, Beers, Red Bulls, Ballons, Dildo Contests, Burning Dildos, Allen going into a Black Flag K-hole, Maitland: Rally Bong, Zach Evans telling it how it is, Shrine Time, Laughing, Sleeping.  Im typing too much. Amazing Rally you can see that in the pics. THX  Mikey D, Allen, Alex, Benji, Creatures, Lateturds, Bengry, Nikki, Seth, ACE.
Good seeing everyone.

Rodney's Lagunar.
Treats HQ!

Both Stock. Saddle bags.
Kickstart variated fun fun.
Benji's Laguna, SO Rad.
Good. I was worried it was Chinese.

"I hope this is good up to 800 degree's, it's going on the Fire Maxi"
Trolling IRL with Joe peg :)!
"Look I dont run fans on my V1s I think you'll be fine"
SF Moped Babes.

Jimmy's Mag LTD
Moped rallies get weird.
Zach Evans is that uncle you Hate/Love. Mostly Love.
Juggalo siphoning gas into a Oprah water bottle. 

LL at Maitland.
Willie! is my fucking duuude! Nice jacket.

My cupcake for the weekend, Nikki.

Ciao life w/ Carberry.

Honda corner.
Banana Slugs.
HNRZ Senior pics: Seth.

Oh Hai there Brett!
Tora Tora! 
Caveman time! The reactions are awesome.

"that's a huge bitch!"
Nom Nom Nom

RIP Kelly Hyatt.

Mike Rafter is my Favorite Mopeder. Ever. Will trade my Laguna for one of his Tech Decks. Get at me.
Like I said we had a bunch of dildos.

"My submission to the Midnight Dildo Society"

I slept right were all the racoons drug off sour cream containers. It ruled.

 My loaner. <3 u Alex.

 This is what a group photo looks like from the group.


Arugula Field.


 Peddy Cash.

 Troll Power!
 The 3 Kansas Moped dudes united.
 Guess that ass.
 Ride home.
So yeah this happened.

 We got your shit. We out here.

 I-70 west of Green River is FUCKING WEIRD.
 Denver pit stop to see Sam's house.

 Building this Ciao as Blk Blk Midwest loaner.