Monday, February 17, 2014

My RIPPIN' Photoset.

My friend Rebecca Dreyfus came up with a rad photo projects a while back. The idea was to give mopedders from all over the States a disposable 35mm camera so they could take pictures of their own moped lifestyle. She features people from all over and its real rad! My camera took me a few months to complete and I added captions. Also check her website

Green Bay JTT4 - Matt Chedda.
 Green Bay JTT4 - Me and Azzy.
 Green Bay JTT4 - Becca.
  Green Bay JTT4 - Campsite.
  Green Bay JTT4 - From our tent.
 Chicago skyline.
Chicago - Peddy Ca$h rally Blk Blk Hotel room.
 Chicago - Bridgeport Coffee run with my dude Thom.
 Chicgo - Logan Lions rally.
 Chicago - Castle shop.
 Nashville - Dead Peds Campsite.
 Nashville - Loaded up with peds.
 Illinois - Amtrak to see my girlfriend.
 Chicago - Observatory.
 Chicago - Castle Hobbit mess.
 Chicago - M.O.P.E.D. Benelli plant.
 Chicago - M.O.P.E.D. Will in the dark.
 Chicago - M.O.P.E.D.
 Chicago - Castle moped roundup.
Chicago - Expired plates and expired movies.

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