Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vespa Notes To Self.

Been working on some problem child Vespas lately and took a few photos of things that stood out to me. 

Isn't the Ciao graphic the best?
Such a stupid fun little Ciao, Im really amazed what this bike can do with a 51 jet in it.

First thing is how off this treats replacement piston is. Just noticed it when putting it in, the first 3 photos are the replacement sew piston and the last 3 photos are an original piston. The cut out is off and will need to be modded a tad. And yes, the piston is in right side up.
Pretty off.


I didnt end up using the replacement piston. You want it for free?

Second, using too long of rear wheel mounting bolts AND THE CONSEQUENCES. 
So I got a "good rebuilt vespa rear wheel" from a dude for cheap not thinking too much could be messed up, I was wrong. So this thing came with the 4 M10 mounting bolts for the rear wheel, score! Upon further inspection, I realize that the previous owner had used too deep of bolt on the rear wheel. This caused the bolts to break through the gearbox cover and all the shrapnel went into the gears, fun!
This is what yout gearbox is supposed to look like internally (this is off a non varo version so its missing needle bearings but I'm focusing on the 2 caps on each side of the center needle bearing).
This is the fucked up gearbox, wow you can see through it! 
Bits I had to pull out, the hardest was the pieces smashed in the gear teeth.
This is where magnets come in handy.
So the stock bolt is M10 x 22mm, anything longer could mess your gearbox cover up like mine :(.


  1. seems like it should be common sense, but maybe it's not? if you gotta use a longer bolt in a pinch, put some damn washers under it!

  2. My stock piston didn't line up very well either!?