Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last month and a half - Pics.

So my computer keyboard broke and I havent been abe to update for a while. Here are a ton of photos of the last month and a half.
 Yeti's rally was radddd! Great country blasting for suuuuuuuuure.

 Campy Town.
 Thoms first pipe build.
 Im that dude on the swing.


 Breakdown Brat.

 Juggalo Beach.
 Mosquito Fleet stock Derbi riding.
 Blomos crash senior photo.
For Tomos a3? says is on the label right.  
Dierect bolt up YEA RIGHT.
Sweet all the clear coat burned off in literally 2 mins. Cmon Techno I thought you were better than that. 
 Dirty Hands.
Loomis Days. 

Photo Session.

Found another quick way to remove Moby motor mounts.

Dremel slowly and dont rush it.
Hit the rim with a flathead and if the wall has been made thin enough, it will taco and is easily removed.

Yeah Cuhhhh.

Found an easy way to put the cotter pin into new Motobecane Decomps.... It can be kind of tricky.

Zip ties rule.

 GLG in Chicago.

 Papa and Cub.
New project thanks to Zacarius!! 

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