Monday, November 9, 2015

Negrini and Pacer dealer pictures + Hi-res Morini and V1 engine diagrams!

 So I bought a ton of dealer items off ebay and have been having a ton of fun organizing it all. Ive been thumbing through some literature and finding some cool stuff. I mostly have Minarelli, Morini, Sebring, and (all) Puch parts manuals. I will be uploading some pages from the Puch manuals that cover weird stuff that Im not sure there is much info about online. Like autostart E50s and Puch A.D. diagrams. If you are anything like me, you appreciate a nice hi-res exploded diagram of an engine. Especially when you get an engine that's in a box :)! Do you take engines apart sometime and then dont put them back together for 2 years??!!! This is perfect for you!!! So here are are diagrams of some common Morini moped engines M1, MO-1, MO-2, M101, and bonus S52K. As well as a Minarelli V1 diagram as well. FYI save the images or open them in another window to see how large they actually are. You can zoom in a whole bunch and its rad!

Pacer Super Sport: Ive always loved the frame design on these and G3s.
Pacer Sport
Morini MO-1: Piston Port, Single Speed
Morini MO-2: Piston Port, 2 Speed
Morini M101: Case Inducted, Variated
 Morini M1: Case inducted, Single Speed
Morini S5K2: Kickstart
Minarelli V1: This engine was used on a ton of bikes and is a work horse.

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