Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peugeot 102 MLM intake a pipe install.

So I got to do some Peugeot 102 upgrades the other day at the shop. Ive always thought 102's were very pretty bikes. Unlike the Peugeot 103 (variated), they have a single speed transmission and have very few aftermarket parts made for them.  I have a theory about less desirable bikes like the 102.... Since there isnt much you can do to make it faster and other models are "cooler" these bikes are less likely to be molested and chopped up. Most of the 102's Ive seen have mostly been in great shape.  So the only available performance upgrades for the 102 is a MLM 15mm Dellorto Sha intake and MLM People's pipe. I installed them on this bikes and here is how it turned out. 

When bolting up the pipe I found that with the header tightened down, the rear mounts were about a centimeter spaced out from the pipe mounts on the frame. I used 30mm m6 allen bolts and used spacers in between the pipe and mounts so not to pull the pipe in an unnatural direction. Remember to use a new exhaust gasket when installing this. The pipe sound is pretty deep and not as pingy as most other bikes. Good construction and bolts up decently. I didnt notice much low low end gain from the pipe but thats what pedals are for! Definitely better mid range and high, no distinct power band but it wraps out way higher than the stock setup.  

This is the 15mm Sha on the MLM forward facing intake. The intake sits at a nice angle and doesnt get in the way of pedaling, it might if you have a huge air filter though. If you look closely, I pulled the left intake stud and replaced it with a 16mm m5 bolt. The reason I did this is because that stud is super long to use the stock intake and with this MLM intake it hits the side of the intake.  Other things to keep in mind when going with this setup: You need to buy a new throttle cable, a Puch Maxi length with bendy will work just fine.  You also need to buy the 1mm Sha shim to get this carb (15mm Sha lever choke) to work on the MLM intake.  

Lastly if you want to run this intake/card with the sidecovers you will need to do some modifications to make it fit. 

So after all the upgrades and tuning I GPSed the bike at 33.1mph on flat ground and could probably see faster speeds with longer straight aways (IM IN CHICAGO!). It might not seem like a huge upgrade but from my riding experience, a jump from 25 ish to the 30's range is pretty significant. 

FORGOT TO MENTION!!!! Here at M.O.P.E.D. we celebrated our 2 year anniversary!!! Wow cool! I feel lucky to work on mopeds every day and keep Chicago cruising. 

Here are a few photos, we had a great ride, pizza, girls, beers, pops,, and Zac did a burn out in his Miata.  Like the last anniversary ride, e left with a ton of people and only like 10 made it back, I guess Chicago just easts up mopeds. 

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