Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weeks of pics, M11, Derbi T.T., Vespa Polini Porn.

Welcome to my blog, prepare yourself for a wild ride. My mac charger finally came from Chile and it only took 3 weeks! It was TOTALLY worth saving $10 dollars, let me tell ya.  In the last few months I have been moving all my stuff to my new apartment in Bridgeport. I really love Bridgeport! I live by some rad mopeders, HNRZ Tony lives a few blocks away, Dougie Fresh lives around the corner and the DRC Kinetic gang lives down the road. The neighborhood is awesome and has a lot of critters to watch scamper down the street. Moving into an apartment from the Castle has been a humbling experience moped wise. To have no garage and not being able to rev bikes out at 3 am is a real bummer! But domestic moped life is fun too, just a little tricky at times.  Here is a few things Ive thought were worth a post in the last few weeks.

This is what I tell people my blog URL is.
 Working on the Moby M11. I'm doing every free mod I can first. I bored the intake out to 13mm and found a 12mm Del sha for the 10mm Gurtner replacement. I couldnt go larger with the boring because I got bored.... Jk actually the intake has a weird bend and was super difficult to bore deeper than 2 inches in. 
It doesnt look like a big difference but hey Im splitting hairs here.
 Fit in well with a Derbi Del sha air filter. 
Hack and weld mild Honda pipe and it sounds great. Went riding but was was seemed to be like fourstroking with a 52 jet..... even without the airfilter. I think I'm going to mess with the timing. No real difference other than the fourstroke... :(
Picked up this bad boy from Tony/Josh HNRZ. Vespa 50cc water cooled Polini W port kit. HOLLER! What should I put it on? The Citta or a TFR? L.A.M.F.
 "So that's whats gong on inside there"
W port in full boner effect.

I'm going to widen this a tad to match the ports better.
 Moped apartment problems. 
 Hey it worked dudes! New clutch installation, removed the Malossi contra spring (gained 4mph) new rear brake shoe, and "realigned" my rear wheel on the Grande. This bike will not die, it is such a great little moped.  I was riding the otherday and the rear brake line snapped, and got wrapped up in the rear varo, I skid to a stop, it was rad.
 Derbi T.A.T. Acerbis tank install and Im still working on the engine.
Been playing this a bit, getting ready for the Moon Level of the Derbi T.A.T.
 Derbi gears sent from the Derbi angel Steve Brown. 
I still owe Ryan Nash $100 bucks for this. Gianelli HI-boy looking great. Guys FYI just because it is called the Hi-Boy doesnt mean I will be high when I ride! MOPED HIGH, PEOPLE DIE.
My newest art piece, called Lan Party Swag. $420 dollars for sale on Esty.

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