Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Photos: I hate winter edition.

 Just moved out of the Castle to Bridgeport, LOOKING FORWARD TO MOVING MY MOVIES! One backpack at a time.
Nachos and Moby crap.
Dual variated Peugeot swingarm, cool.

 Cleaning mopeds is so fun.
 Love Cimattis.
 Brindy our new shop dog.
 MCR's GYSR was cool. Thom and Tony played vids a lot.
 Tony stepped in to help on a v1 rebuild.
 They have a very cool shop, this is the basement.

 Blk Blk freaks talking about nothing.
 Super rad Rizzato engine.
 Left: Stock Derbi Piston Port cylinder. Right: Mofast Derbi Pision Port kit. Thanks Treats Willie!! This is going on my Laguna.
 So stoked to have a Mofast kit, I love old stuff. If anyone has any Mofast kits or pipes, let me know.

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  1. So is mofast remanufactured stock or did they work with their own castings?